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What is your biggest challenge to leading your company into the digital world?

In This Breakthrough Book For Senior Executives, You’ll Discover:

Paul Cuatrecasas is a entrepreneur, investment banker, and strategic advisor to CEOs, senior executives, boards and shareholders of companies operating in or interested in the Technology and Digital industry sectors. He is on a mission to help large, established, non-tech companies partner with technology companies to avoid being blindsided by exponential change. For over 28 years, he and his firms have been helping these companies find the new strategies and tools they need to survive. It’s something he cares deeply about.

His clients’ success is based on a willingness to bring to the table what other experts don’t, won’t, can’t, or are afraid to. Paul and his team will do what it takes to create a win-win deal, even if it means being contrarian or upsetting traditional thinking. He has condensed what he’s learned from advising on over 50 TMT M&A transactions around the world worth over $25 billion and on over 70 corporate finance advisory and strategic consultancy assignments for large corporates, start-up tech companies and leading private equity firms, into the book Go Tech, or Go Extinct.

In the book Paul shares what he’s learned from personally conducting one-on-one meetings with C-level executives from over 300 Fortune 1000 companies, as well as the client work executed with several of these corporates. Working with Paul gets you on the tech company M&A battleground with expert advice and guidance on how tech entrepreneurs & founders think, how they feel, and how they make decisions – particularly the big decisions. In all of his work Paul promises street-level straightforward advice, proven fact-based tactics, and a departure from traditional business-as-usual thinking and culture.

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